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You will require Official documentation relating to your vaccine status, all guest over 18 must be vaccinated. Fiji recognises Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. 

All travellers (12 years+) to Fiji must produce a negative PCR test taken no more than 2 calendar days prior to the scheduled day of departure. This applies to anyone disembarking in and transiting through Fiji.

Your negative test should show a specimen collection date indicating that the specimen was collected no more than 2 calendar days before your flight’s departure (or first flight in a series of connections booked on the same itinerary).

Please ensure that your RT-PCR tests are taken by a travel test provider (hospital, doctor, lab) that issues an official document with your results. PCR tests must be performed by nasopharyngeal, nasal or mid-turbinate speciment collection methods. Drive through tests and SMS text results will not be accepted.

However, if you tested positive within 90 days of your travel to Fiji and have recovered please provide proof of your isolation period served by a credible institution OR a fit to fly certificate / letter from a medical practitioner. The certificate/letter would exempt you from testing requirements pre (PCR 2 days) and post arrival (RAT 48hrs) in Fiji.

The fit to fly certificate or letter from your medical practitioner should include:

Date of onset symptoms date tested positive date of cessation of symptoms release date from isolation If you recovered from COVID outside the 90 days, please provide a negative RT-PCR result.

All travellers who visit Fiji will need to stay at a CFC certified accommodation. 

Make sure you have documented proof of a:

Confirmed minimum 3-night CFC hotel booking before your flight 

Confirmed CFC transfer booking from the airport to your hotel.

If you intend to move between resorts or regions within your first 3 days in Fiji, please provide the confirmed booking for both resorts to show that your first 3 nights are spent at a CFC certified accommodation.

Travellers (foreign nationals entering Fiji  for a holiday) must have proof of insurance for COVID-19 coverage. Many travel insurance companies now include this coverage in their standard policies but if yours does not, you can also purchase one online prior to travel with Fiji Care. For enquiries you can also email them at

The Fiji Care travel insurance will only apply in the unlikely case that you test positive for COVID-19 in Fiji and cover any costs related to that event such as isolation, hospitalisation, testing etc. It does not cover any costs related to existing entry/exit protocols such as required tests.

Travel for tourists on holiday in Fiji is quarantine free but you will need to take a mandatory Rapid Antigen test at a CFC-certified resort 48hrs after your arrival in our islands. Please factor this into your overall trip cost.

With this 48hr timeframe, you can still enjoy using the facilities at your resort, transiting to your CFC-certified resort on another island or booking a daytrip tour as long as you’ve engaged CFC approved and certified tourism operators throughout.

- Wear a mask in public places (eg restaurants, tour buses, shops) 

- Social distance where possible (2m)

- Wash or sanitise your hands frequently

- Activate your careFIJI contact tracing app to check into businesses.

Depending on your country's return requirements, you will need to be tested for COVID-19 before you fly home. Costs for a Rapid Antigen test starts from approximately $30FJD . Some countries require a PCR test which starts from approximately $200 FJD. Please check with your hotel as testing costs will vary.

Please take note of age groups that need to be tested as per your country's requirements.

All Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR test requirements needed for your arrival in Fiji or return home will be managed at your hotel. Speak to them about your tests when you check in.


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