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Resort Boat Transfers

20 Seat Resort Transfer Boat

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Octopus Resort is located 27 nautical miles from the Fijian mainland, on Waya Island, the largest of the islands in the Yasawa island group.

The resorts own transfer vessel Aftershock, makes a return trip daily to the island, the one way Adult Fare is $79 USD and for a child 5-12 years its $39 USD, children under 5 yrs are free. It is also be available for private charter to meet specific flight arrival or departures, with a minimum rate of $889 USD one way for up to 20 passengers. We also offer split charters with other resort departures or arrivals on the same day with similar flight times this allows for one way fares as low as $59 USD per person.

For the daily service the boat leaves Vuda Marina (a few miles from the Airport in Nadi) at 8-8.30 am and then departs the island to make the return trip back to the mainland from Octopus between 10 am and 11am ( depending on that days schedule). *Please see below notes. The journeys take just over one and 1/2 hours each way and are scheduled to meet many of the flights serving Nadi Airport, allowing the maximum time possible on the island. Air-conditioned minibus transport from the airport or from local hotels is included in the transfer cost.

For a charter Aftershock or Magic our other vessel can leave as required to meet specific flight times, subject to arriving to the resort or mainland before Dark.

*As we endeavor to accommodate as many customers as possible by occasionally changing our boat departure times to allow for flight delays for arriving aircraft, the departure time is subject to change slightly between 7.30 am and 8.30 am. Departure times from the island to the mainland may vary from 10 am to 11 am depending on the needs of the in house guests on the day to account for early flight departures, the vessel will leave Octopus by 10 am if there are 3 pm flight departures and pickups from Paradise Cove, or 11am if just departing from Octopus Resort, guests with flights departing Fiji before 3 pm require a specific private charter, or "day before" departure. At other times scheduled maintenance or sea conditions could delay the scheduled departure time.

We ask you to consider airport delays and customs clearance when considering your transfer options.