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Kids Club

Fijians are renowned around the world for their love of children.


Our Kid's Club is free and available year-round for children 3 years or older. For children between 3 to 5 years or those that can’t yet swim there are a variety of supervised indoor activities, for those that can swim, and are 5 years or older there is also a wide variety of outdoor, and water-based activities.

For children under 3 years, a baby sitter is easily arranged if required, and they may attend the kids club with their baby sitter.

Babystting is FJD$15 per hour for 1 child / FJD$20  for 2+ children. With a minimum  of 2 hours.

The kids club operates from 8am until 12.30pm, 2pm until 5.00pm. At 5.30pm there is a supervised "kid’s dinner", and then off to the kids club hut until 9 pm.

During the day there are lots of supervised fun activities, such as cooking lessons, face painting, crab and treasure hunts, snorkeling adventures, storytelling, coconut husking, nature walks, Fijian language games, painting, sand castle building, hair braiding …and in the evening fun games and movies in the kids club hut.

Kids can spend the whole time at the club or pick and choose the activities they would like to participate in, and for several activities parents are welcome to join in.

Whether you want a babysitter or someone to weave the kids a hat or pick them a coconut – Our staff are only too happy to oblige. Take the kids to the village for a cultural experience they won’t forget in a hurry.

With a playground like the Pacific Ocean and our white sandy beach – Playstations, computers and television are soon a distant memory!

You and your children will be blown away by the relaxed atmosphere, you won’t believe how cluttered our lives have become and you can almost see the stresses of modern living slipping off their shoulders.

It’s a sight worth seeing their relaxed exhaustion and the return of the spontaneity that you thought they left behind in preschool. We have a kid’s dinner menu and we can cook an early dinner for your children if you’d like us to.

You can pre-book a baby crib (free of charge) or leave the children for a few hours to be cared for by some of the wonderful ladies we have on staff. Anything else you need, please ask. For whatever reason you choose to come to Octopus Resort, we are sure you will leave with a small taste of how simple living and a relaxed outlook on life can still be achieved.

Octopus Resort is the perfect environment to nurture this; you will not be disappointed.