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Fijian Law & Marriage Requirements

Fiji Government Marriage Requirements

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The couple to be married will need an original or certified copy of their respective birth certificates, their passports and if previously married, either a Decree Nisi or a death certificate is required. Confirmatory letter on current status to be obtained from the Marriage Registry where the applicant resides or statutory declaration signed by a Justice of Peace or Notary Public or Solicitor to prove that he/she has not entered into marriage before (this declaration applies to first or second marriage). Couples under 21 years of age are required to produce a consent document signed by a parent. Our team will guide you through this process and make sure all documents are received and processed as required.

Marriage under Fijian law involves two parts:

The Registration: It is now a requirement by Fijian law that the wedding couple must have a pre-arranged meeting with an officer of the law on the mainland of Fiji before traveling to your island resort. The officer is required to site your original copies of the notarized documents before they can issue your special license - valid for 28 days after issue. The license will then enable you to get married at the resort. In order to ensure your documents are correctly completed and all required documents are present you must submit these to your resort wedding coordinator at least two months prior to your arrival. Your resort wedding coordinator will be able to organize this meeting and advise you on the details when communicating with you prior to your wedding. You are required to have an overnight on the mainland which is included in your wedding package, so you have time to obtain your license before traveling to the resort.

The Ceremony: The ceremony can be arranged at your choice of location within the resort or on the beach. This service is performed by our local Tala tala (minister). These arrangements are to be made once you arrive at the island.

Everything will fall into place for you once you arrive at the island, please note, the management team will be able to assist to act as witnesses for your binding ceremony and also be your photographer during the ceremony, but any requirements for professional photos should be explored prior to arrival to the island, along with any other professional services you require.

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